Torrin Davis


A native to Lincoln University, PA, Davis received a degree in Biology with a Chemistry minor in 2008 and then went on to earn a master’s degree in Public Health at West Chester University. While Torrin has worked hard to expand his passion for educating the community on public health, he has also expanded to educating the fitness community. In conjunction with those degrees, he holds a Functional Movement Screening certification.While utilizing communication, evaluation, safety, and corrective strategies can lead not only to enhancements in the training gym and athletic fields, but it can also affect your everyday life. Torrin is still very active in the community giving back to the local youth by volunteering to speak to aspiring students who would like to attend colleges and universities and still mentoring those individuals throughout their tenure. Torrin also volunteers his time to the local athletes holding clinics and training sessions for those willing to learn.

Mr. Davis was introduced to the health field and fitness world at a young age. His ideas of what an individual should strive to attain changed throughout his educational experience. Growing up, you see professional athletes as the pinnacle of what our fitness levels should be and what our bodies should look like, was the initial thought process but over time you will come to the realization that one individuals optimum health will not be that of another’s. What works for Lebron James will not work for Sally and John that live in your community and vice versa. That is not a bad thing, being that no two individuals are the same, and that makes us unique and one of a kind. Interning for Dr. Patrick Ward over the years made it an easy decision to value and want to assist people in achieving their goals, offering guidance to reach those objectives, and when a misstep occurs being able to support the community to get back to their optimum health. A healthy mind and healthy body go hand in hand, so get educated on the steps needed to reach your goals and then take those steps to live with the quality of life that you deserve!